Writer’s indecision

Hello, readers! I managed to keep up a fairly steady writing schedule in October but alas, November has me falling behind. The reason is that I’ve come to a climactic part in the book and I keep writing it out, then changing my mind because it doesn’t seem quite like what the book needs. I do have notes I’m trying to write from, and I think I have to spend some time plotting, doing nothing but visualizing what is happening, before I can make progress. But this is nothing that can’t be remedied. I think I’ll probably wind up writing five or six chapters in one go as I deal with this part of the book.

Today most of my writing went toward figuring out a budget and writing out a budget justification for a grant I’m writing. So with that, and a lot of laundry, finished, I think I can spend this evening working on this tricky section of Anagama.

To be honest, one reason I haven’t just plunked myself down and dealt with this section already is that I’ve been just exhausted, and dealing with a lot of weird anxiety-producing thoughts (welcome to winter! This happens to me every winter, which is why I take every chance I get in the winter to travel to warmer climes). Last weekend I felt fine, but I was in Stockbridge, MA helping a friend move. Hopefully there will be no more travel, and no more family obligations (other than my sister-in-law visiting on the first weekend in December) that will eat into my writing time.

I’m not really worried about missing my Dec. 31st deadline, though, because I have a full week off work in December, and I have not made a lot of holiday plans. One day I will spend organizing my desk, which is actually a dining table heaped with piles of papers, and filing things away. My husband will be working a lot over December and the holidays, and so I’ll be spending many of those days alone by choice- this gives me plenty of time to focus on getting Anagama finished.

Happy Thanksgiving to my USA readers, and may everyone stay safe and warm, wherever you are.