Works, and works in progress

A note about the grim content of my blog: much of the fiction that does not consist of comedy stories or excerpts of stories or novels consists of dark retellings of sinister chains of thought. I admit that I was inspired by Hamlet’s use of fiction in that play when writing these. What’s real? Investigation is required.

Most of my other work is set in alternate worlds and I would much rather discuss these. A few descriptions are given below.

I’ve taken my comedic science fiction novel about the effects of a powerful aphrodisac on a remote planetary colony, first published in 2001, and updated it in 2013. I have plans to eventually take this book, revise it yet again and add a novella or two, then republish with someone else.

I also have written a number of short stories, some of which feature the adventures of Canadian superspies Agent Diamond and Charming Guy, and those were freely available on Smashwords. I’ve put these up again for sale.

Current works-in-progress include several more Agent Diamond and Charming Guy short stories, a fantasy cookbook, and many other science fiction, fantasy and crime/mystery novels. The one I have recently finished a draft of (Infinity) deals with time travel, bipolar dreams, quantum entanglement of neurons, wormholes, an assassination plot and a variety of hideous floral arrangements. Another (Anagama) is now finished. Set in the same universe as Perigee, this is a darker look at what it means to be human, and details the struggles of people considered property because of genetic alteration and their allies to change the definition of humanity. 

I also have ideas for additional novels or story anthologies based on more of my dreams or musings, including autobiographical works. I’ve got about 80 ideas (and counting) for stories that could be told as screenplays, novels, or short stories, or all of these, the majority of which came to me since 2017. 

I write for fun rather than for profit, for the most part, and I enjoy hearing from people who have enjoyed my work.