Works, and works in progress

I’ve taken my comedic science fiction novel about the effects of a powerful aphrodisac on a remote planetary colony, first published in 2001, and updated it in 2013. Perigee now has new scenes and updated language and technology. I’m negotiating with the publisher to get the prices of both the print and ebook formats reduced, since the prices currently set for these is ridiculously high. Contact me if you’d like to read my novel but can’t afford it. I have plans to eventually take this book, revise it yet again and add a novella or two, then republish with someone else.

I also have written a number of short stories, some of which feature the adventures of Canadian superspies Agent Diamond and Charming Guy, and those were freely available on Smashwords. I’ve taken these down temporarily while I consider adding a few more stories and publishing them more formally.

Current works-in-progress include several more Agent Diamond and Charming Guy short stories, a fantasy cookbook, and many other science fiction, fantasy and crime novels. The one I have recently finished a draft of (Infinity) deals with time travel, bipolar dreams, quantum entanglement of neurons, wormholes, an assassination plot and a variety of hideous floral arrangements. Another (Anagama) is partly finished, and deals with a future dystopia in which genetically modified human beings who are no longer given the same rights as other humans must fight for survival. I am one quarter of the way through another (Diamond) based loosely on my life, which deals with the transformation of an abused woman from victim to triumphant nemesis. She accomplishes this with the help of goddesses- these may merely be psychological constructs, or may be actual entities controlling time and space. Finally, there’s an idea for a spy thriller with a bit of a twist which I am calling Cloak.  I also have ideas for additional novels or story anthologies based on more of my dreams. 2017 brought me so many story ideas and outlines, all of which I’ve registered with WGA West.

I write for fun rather than for profit, and I enjoy hearing from people who have enjoyed my work. Please look me up on Twitter or Counter Social. If you would like to read my work but it’s not available or you can’t afford it, please let me know and I will consider sending you free copies.