Never trust a genie, especially if it’s angry about having been kept as a slave in a bottle.

Some news: I am currently working on a novella about psychological manipulation, and also am unearthing a couple of novels, one partially written. I may have mentioned Diamond and Cloak before. I’m replotting Diamond to add in some scenes analogous to what happened to me in Vancouver in the late 1990s (these are difficult scenes to write, since they involve rape by powerful people and being trafficked by someone I trusted, a woman I am calling Evelyn), and to fix a few plot holes. Diamond, in case I didn’t already mention it, is the story of how an abused woman survives and then thrives with the help of both human allies and goddess figures.

Cloak is much different: a fantasy spy novel about the fall of a corrupt White House administration. I’m actually watching current news with great interest, as this will inform the ending of Cloak.

Both of these stories are fantasy, but draw from events in my life.