The best-laid plans…

Hey, so a few weeks ago I started on an ambitious exercise program, was enjoying it, and then I had to stop because of illness- I came down with a terrible cold, had to rest, then as that cleared up I became psychologically depressed and could not get out of bed. Fun times!

Anyway, that seems to be clearing up now and weeks have gone by- so not only did I mess up my exercise routine, I’m behind where I thought I’d be for both work on finding an agent, and writing Diamond. 

I have a few unavoidable tasks that require my attention, so I must do those first; unfortunately, this plus travel plans mean I probably won’t get back to writing until mid-February.  I can consider my writing to be a Valentine’s gift to myself, and get back to it when I’m rested and have more free time (we will see about that last one).

Here’s hoping Diamond comes out as effortlessly as Infinity did.