The Accidental Spy

No doubt in a few years we will be simply inundated with Trump-era films, especially after certain events or transcripts are declassified (and I know that usually one might have to wait 50 years, but I rather think that it will happen a bit quicker than that. Trump’s shenanigans with Russians, Ukranians, North Koreans, Saudi Arabians, and who the hell knows who else, are not really fodder to be kept secret, in the most part, because it only benefits the man himself and not the country. I’m pretty sure 46 will have a different view of whether this garbage should be declassified, and no interest in protecting 45).

I have a story idea of my own. Several, really- I put one into my magical realism novel Cloak, I quite like that one though it does not reflect reality. I’m still plotting that, I keep changing my mind about certain events, and I can’t do the research I would like due to the pandemic. I have another, more autobiographical work, which might or might not reflect actual events- there are some real events in it, and some which remain to be verified. The best part about it is, if I’m right, a lot of crazy things done and said by the current Administration will be explained, and the explanation is really bizarre. I’m calling it The Accidental Spy, and it revolves around phone conversations I was privy to starting before the election in 2016. It’s a really weird, unbelievable story, and one I will be pleased to tell in my way at the right time, provided some key events happen which demonstrate to me that my experiences were not simply fabrications of an overactive imagination.

So anyway, I can’t prove that the events I’m waiting for will happen, but I suspect they shall. Time will tell.

And if I’m correct about what events happen and when, I won’t actually have to prove anything at all- it’s all been recorded. It would be useful if I had the recordings, but of course, I don’t. Meeting the person that does is one of the events I’ve been waiting for. I need to listen to these just as much as anyone else might, I honestly can’t recall most of the details. I’ve written “Hamlet’s play” series entries about a few of them, sprinkled here and there in this blog, as well as some earlier interactions that came to mind in light of evolving news at the time of writing.

So you see, even if this is a complete fabrication on my part, it makes for a compelling story and one I hope to relate- once 45 is off his perch, of course. No doubt there will simply be a flood of 45-related movies and shows- and of course, there already is a plethora of tell-all books to choose from, so I have to hope my efforts will stand out somehow.

I hope you have a lovely day.