Switching gears

Hello, readers! After some mulling over (I had time, as I was working on other projects, then ill for a while), I’ve decided I probably can’t sell my manuscript-in-progress Diamond as easily as I can some of my other novel ideas. So while I fully intend to finish it, I probably won’t focus on it right now.

The project I’ve picked to focus on is one involving an unusual spy and a corrupt White House administration. I fully admit that events since mid 2016 have led to the novel concept for Cloak. My next step is to draw up an outline (this is going to be helped by my extensive notes and screenshots of relevant news articles, but I admit, I could use some assistance with this, as there are probably a lot of funny details I have forgotten), and then go visit New York City, as this is where the majority of events happen. I might also need to go and visit Washington, DC again. I’ve registered my concept for Cloak with WGA West, so I feel confident that I can share as much as I have with you.

I’m excited about Cloak– the main character and her love interest are both truly fascinating to me, and I’ve even thought of a sequel which involves a third, truly lovable character. I hope that people are not so overwhelmed with Trump and his activities that they can’t enjoy a little bit of fiction involving someone like him.

Have a wonderful day.