Seeking voice actor who helped me

I lived in Riverside, CA from 2002-2006 and in North Hollywood, CA from 2006-2008.  In late 2008 I was quite ill, living in Fairbanks, Alaska, and someone called me- whoever it was did quite a good impression of several of the Family Guy characters voiced by Seth MacFarlane (Brian, Peter, Stewie, Tom Tucker). Whoever called was concerned for my welfare and tried to cheer me up, and I’d like to thank him. I wasn’t able to at the time.

I lived in Tierp, Sweden from 2010-2012. In or about early 2011 I recall meeting a dark-haired man, about my height (5’9” or 5’10”, slender, pale complexion, wearing a long dark wool coat) at the train station who was, again, very good at voicing Family Guy characters.  I’m hoping it was the same person that called me when I lived in Alaska, since he knew my name. I met him at the train station in Tierp and we had coffee in a little cafe nearby, but I don’t recall his name and he didn’t disclose any identifying information. He seemed interested in my welfare and wanted to make sure I was happy and wasn’t ill.

For a long time I thought this person might have been Seth MacFarlane himself, but of course that’s a rather bizarre idea. I now am thinking that a good impersonator of his met me while I lived in Los Angeles and perhaps tried for a while to check up on me. I realize it’s possible I imagined these encounters, but just in case this was a real person who has been trying to help me, I thought I would try to find a voice actor matching this description so I can thank him.

Any help you can provide in finding this mystery voice actor would be appreciated. I can be reached via the below.


Thanks, Liz