I went through a list of pitches for my various story ideas, and identified 20 different projects! No one can say I don’t have a lot of creative ideas.

In other news, I’ve finished an outline for Wings and I’m looking forward to writing. I got carpal tunnel from some data entry I did for my boss in Guelph, ON, and I have a second job now based in Edmonton, AB. So I have been very slow about writing fiction. I love my jobs but I really wish sometimes that I could retire now and just focus exclusively on fiction.

I’ve written another blog entry that again deals with Donald Trump (I just can’t shake the idea that he actually called me while I was in my office, but how or why this would come about I have no idea), but I’m delaying its publication until Monday morning (the 25th).

My moods have lately been pretty stable, which I attribute to increased exercise, so that’s pretty good. I’ll take anything that allows me to be happier and more productive.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!