Draft outline of the story for Infinity has been finished!

A few weeks ago I pushed myself and finished a reworked draft outline of the story for Infinity, my science fiction work in progress.  I’ve lined up several people to read it over, including my former English prof (he taught a course in science fiction and moments from it stay with me to this day!). I myself hope to use vacation time in coming days to look over the draft I have yet again and perhaps fill out some of the notes I’ve made which are more notes to myself to note dream images, and not intelligible to other people.

As part of the research into this story, I’ve also finished reading Black Holes, Wormholes and Time Machines by Jim Al-Khalili (a wonderful book! If any of the subjects in the title interest you, go and find it), and I’ve downloaded a few articles on quantum entanglement to read as well. I found a copy of Lee Smolin’s Time Reborn in a local bookshop- it is a fascinating read, likewise! It rains on my particular time-travel parade, but I’m still enjoying it.

I’m making efforts to find a physicist kind enough to put up with all my silly questions about quantum entanglement, closed timelike curves, wormholes, and unusual movement through time. I’ve also asked the University of Waterloo if someone there can show me around the Institute for Quantum Computing, where apparently entanglement experiments are done quite frequently. I would love to see one!

Black holes, wormholes and closed timelike curves

So, I’ve been working on the physics of time travel- or I should say, the fake physics, since I am merely attempting to come up with a convincing explanation for how unusual movement in spacetime might occur that can fool everyone but a physicist. I’m not well versed in physics, so this is an uphill battle for me.

This is part of my work on “Infinity”, and I have to say that while it’s challenging, it is rewarding. I so far have spent time simply reading books on physics trying to glean information, and while some books are disappointing, providing too simple explanations and in so doing, being self-contradictory (Sean Carroll, I am looking at your book From Eternity to Here), Lee Smolin’s Three Roads to Quantum Gravity is a rewarding read which actually accurately explains the second law of thermodynamics. I have a library copy, but I want to buy a copy to keep as it will be a good reference.

I keep thinking of closed timelike curves, black holes and wormholes- I want to learn more about how these constructs work, BUT I also have to make them function in a universe in which it’s very difficult to change the past, and in which objects and information can move in unusual ways in spacetime- and this movement is not only possible, it’s easy.  It happens spontaneously all the time, though we often do not detect it as it happens in an untargeted way (an analogy is laser light as opposed to normal light- both are light, but one requires much more technology to achieve). I do have some ideas as to how to explain this movement in spacetime in fake science that sounds fairly good, but it’s important to be sure I’m not making a very obvious mistake- so I’m reading partly to educate myself to find mistakes, and partly to get ideas that might help me hone my explanations.  And in the process, I’m learning a lot of interesting stuff.

I am doing all this work because a pet peeve of mine is fake science in movies, shows and books which is so obviously wrong- it bothers me when people research costumes and setting meticulously but ignore something like the basis of plot elements that are rooted in science. It’s laziness not to at least try to learn enough about your subject matter not to sound like an idiot. I may not be able to avoid sounding like an idiot, but I am certainly going to try.


So I spent maybe forty minutes waiting tonight for a friend to join me at a restaurant, and managed to get about five or six sheets of notes down- a rough outline of scenes for the first half of a story I want to write. The story is tentatively titled Infinity and is loosely based on dreams I’ve had for the past two years.  This work is difficult for me to write in one sense, since it’s very close to me, and in another sense is quite easy, since I merely have to describe events I feel I’ve experienced already.

I’ve been reading screenplays, and the style in which they are written matches in many respects the way I like to write. I don’t flatter myself that I will be an award-winning screenwriter, or that if I write a screenplay anyone will make it into a film, but I figure I can try my hand at each of a novel and a screenplay. It’s such a cliché, the person writing a screenplay in her spare time, so this is a project I probably won’t talk about very much. I have no idea how long this project may take.

Fifty Shades of Easter

A silly story, inspired by a friend’s Facebook post, was concieved of on Good Friday this year and written and published the following day. You can find “Fifty Shades of Easter” here.

It’s now very early on Easter Sunday morning. I actually don’t celebrate Easter- I’m not Christian- but I do like the holiday for the festivities and food, and so I sort of observe the fun aspects without going to church.  In the story, my characters Agent Diamond and Charming Guy attend an Easter egg decorating fundraiser at a local Catholic church, and stop a crime in progress with the help of some fetishists.

We also learn a little bit of Agent Diamond’s background. I concieved of both Agent Diamond and Charming Guy as kind of silly, cardboard, cartoonish “spy” stereotypes, but slowly they’ve been acquiring families and backstories, and details of their personalities are slowly being fleshed out. I’ve been focusing a lot on Agent Diamond mostly because I enjoy writing about strong women, but I think the next story I write I need to focus on Charming Guy more than I have been. He’s Agent Diamond’s sidekick, really, being her junior in many ways, but he has his own strengths which complement Agent Diamond’s strengths and cover up a few of her weaknesses.

This particular story was written with fewer of the wisecracks and gags that Agent Diamond and Charming Guy stories usually contain, and my only explanation for that was that (a) I happen to have a cold, and (b) I wanted this story published before Easter. It was, if only barely (I published it about 11 pm on Saturday night).  I do admit I was contemplating making this an “adult” story and putting in a lot of actual fetish jokes, but I’m not certain how well that would go over with most of the people who’ve been downloading these stories. I have found that the less expicit work of mine is more popular.

I do admit that the intial, risqué images I had in my mind would have been suitable for a politically incorrect animated show (and I did imagine vignettes with characters from Family Guy, honestly), but I’ve got no way to contact any of the writers of that show, or to know that they would welcome a contribution from someone like me. That being said, if I ever do get a chance to contribute material to an “edgy” animated show, this will be among the things I would come up with.

In any case- though Passover is over if you celebrate it I hope it was fun for you, and if you celebrate Easter I hope you enjoy today’s holiday (and Monday’s, if you are given Monday off as a holiday as well). If, like me, you enjoy the trappings of these holidays but don’t worry too much about the religious aspects, please find what pleasure you can in whatever parts you enjoy, and if you find comfort in the coming of Spring, I sincerely hope you live somewhere other than southwestern Ontario in Canada because outside it is currently snowing.

Please enjoy “Fifty Shades of Easter” with my best wishes, and let me know if you enjoyed it.

Agent Diamond and the Red Rose Mystery

My character Agent Diamond showed up in a few dreams lately. I have several story ideas involving her, and, to a lesser extent, Charming Guy as well. I have been focusing a lot on Agent Diamond, so I may have to spend time contemplating Charming Guy to try and include more of him, or feature him in a story.

Around Valentine’s Day, I thought about how AD and CG are probably the subject of office gossip- and that led me to think, what might trigger a round of gossip? A dozen red roses show up for AD with no note- who are they from? Everyone assumes CG  but of course that’s ridiculous (he and AD are strictly platonic friends, with AD the older and more experienced secret agent). Who gave AD those roses?

This led me to wonder if AD has a romantic story in her past, a former beau who had to vanish from her life because he represents enemies of the agency she works for. I’ve concocted the outline of a story that I hope to finish and release for next year’s Valentine’s Day. The story will  explain why, every year, AD gets a dozen red roses, and why there’s an Escher print in her living room of a fish swimming in a river, with a scrap of paper hidden in the frame behind the print that says only: “To my little fish, the one that got away.”

I may give CG a romantic story as well. He tends not to take romance very seriously, but it’s not because he is a jerk. He’s just not ready to settle down. I am thinking he may fall in love with someone who does not reciprocate his affection, but I haven’t decided on the details yet.