Life imitates art

My project Cloak is practically writing itself! I’m so pleased. In plotting it, recent events mesh perfectly with the existing plot and I can see where it all will go. This also meshes with dreams I’ve had of speaking to members of the Trump administration on the phone, which was the initial inspiration for Cloak. If I’m right, the next couple of weeks will be very interesting.

I have a work project that will take up a lot of my time this week, but I hope to get back to writing as soon as I can.

Have a great day!

Two new projects on the go

I’m happy to report that I spent the day with my character Madison Knight and all sorts of notes about all the chaos and scandals coming out of the White House since the inauguration of the current president. I’ve come up with what I think is a great outline for what has happened, and what will happen, in the timeline of events I’ve created for Cloak. Because I don’t want to ruin suspension of disbelief, I am planning to work on Cloak while I wait for additional events leading up to the 2018 midterms to unfold- and some of the things I’ve thought of are pretty fun indeed! I think you will enjoy riding along with Madison.

Because there will necessarily be some waiting until mid-November, I’m also going to plot out an additional project which I’m calling Wings. This book is a lot more lighthearted than most of what I’ve written to date, and while Cloak will be enjoyable, Wings will be as or more fun, I suspect. I don’t want to give away too much, but Wings deals a lot with different kinds of angels.

Switching gears

Hello, readers! After some mulling over (I had time, as I was working on other projects, then ill for a while), I’ve decided I probably can’t sell my manuscript-in-progress Diamond as easily as I can some of my other novel ideas. So while I fully intend to finish it, I probably won’t focus on it right now.

The project I’ve picked to focus on is one involving an unusual spy and a corrupt White House administration. I fully admit that events since mid 2016 have led to the novel concept for Cloak. My next step is to draw up an outline (this is going to be helped by my extensive notes and screenshots of relevant news articles, but I admit, I could use some assistance with this, as there are probably a lot of funny details I have forgotten), and then go visit New York City, as this is where the majority of events happen. I might also need to go and visit Washington, DC again. I’ve registered my concept for Cloak with WGA West, so I feel confident that I can share as much as I have with you.

I’m excited about Cloak– the main character and her love interest are both truly fascinating to me, and I’ve even thought of a sequel which involves a third, truly lovable character. I hope that people are not so overwhelmed with Trump and his activities that they can’t enjoy a little bit of fiction involving someone like him.

Have a wonderful day.


Slow progress

Hello readers!

I’ve been slowly making progress on my current work Diamond and I really like how it’s turning out. I can’t wait to share it with you. I’ve also decided to add Hindu goddesss Kali to the group of goddesses that inhabit the space between waking and sleep.

I’ve also come up with ideas for three different stories that I need to write up a little and submit to WGA West.

I loved writing today so much that I think I need to make a point of prioritizing writing over other stuff I have to do- I tend to take a “rabbit and hare” approach, since I can only be very productive when I’m not depressed, and so during those times I write as much as possible. But I want to accelerate the pace at which I turn ideas into written works.

Wish me luck!

Writer’s block

Hello, readers!

I have a bit of writer’s block, which comes in the form of difficulty concentrating, so right now it is hard for me to focus on writing or reading fiction. My mind keeps wandering and I find I need to walk or do busywork to keep myself from pacing up and down.

This restlessness is kind of puzzling. I might be subconsciously thinking that Donald Trump’s White House “reality show” might be coming to a climax, with all the news that is circulating around these days about him and his administration. It certainly feels that way to me.

I’ve dusted off a story concept and brief outline that I plan to work on if I find I really can’t continue my current novel-in-progress. I also have ideas for short stories that I think will help divert my attention from whatever it is that is bothering me so much, and more than once it has occurred to me that I might be borderline hypomanic. I have had some trouble sleeping last week and this week I have to take naps during the day in order to get enough hours of sleep.

Exercise, of course, helps, and I am trying to make sure I get enough.

The joys of being bipolar and trying to be consistently productive! It’s hard to differentiate my problems with sheer laziness, and sometimes I wonder if I don’t push myself hard enough. I’ve been very busy writing in my diary, so I do write- just nothing I can publish, not yet.

Someday, if I ever become famous, I may publish excerpts of my diary (it is far, far too long and difficult to parse for anyone but me to publish in its entirety- I use it mostly to untangle my thoughts and bipolar delusions, and figure out links between fragments of memory). Maybe. It’s more likely I will simply write poems or poetic passages and have someone illustrate them, because that will help convey what it’s like to experience on a daily basis what I feel and think about. Something like Jung’s Red Book but a lot easier to digest, I think. I figure that a paper book with illustrations combined with recordings (not necessarily of me, but of music that I think also is evocative) might work best. It occurs to me that lots of people like or need audiobooks, so maybe one is inevitable, if this idea succeeds and people are indeed curious about a bipolar mind.

Rereading my diary would certainly be interesting for me, though it would take probably months- I have thousands of pages of writing so far.

Have a wonderful day!


Starting again

Hello, readers! This has been mostly a fiction blog, but I decided to wipe it and start again. I plan to talk a bit more in future about mental illness (I am bipolar), specifically about coping strategies. I use a lot of my weird dreams in my writing, but I feel more people need to find out about how to cope with the often overwhelming pressures of psychological distress. Even hypomania, which I admit is enjoyable, comes with a lot of stress. Stay tuned.

Today’s weird dream: Trump has been anonymously asking me for advice and I have been giving him the worst advice possible because, even though I did not recognize his voice on the phone, he came across as stupid, vulgar, and self-absorbed. Apologies to America.