On Hamlet’s play

I’ve gotten a question about which posts constitute what I am, in retrospect, calling my “Hamlet’s play” series. Here is a list, in no particular order: Checkmate, A New Year and Some Old Thoughts, Happy Valentine’s Day, October 6th, Character Diary Entry, To The World, The Smartest Woman in the World. All of these feature an abusive figure I call Evelyn. There may be additional entries that would fall into this list, but I think this is enough to give you an idea of the tone and content of this series.

Just as I have no proof that I have ever interacted with President Trump (and I talk about him elsewhere), I have no proof that I have ever met, interacted with, or communicated with Evelyn (who is a real person). All I have are memories which surfaced long after the events I described in the above, and other events I haven’t yet written about, occurred. They came in fragments, bits and pieces, and because I am not certain the actual person Evelyn did these things- perhaps I am mistaken- I have to be careful about making accusations. Evelyn also has quite a lot more wealth and power than I do.

The only pieces of data that would point to my having truly recounted actual events in the above posts and ones they link to, are if either of these individuals- Evelyn, or President Trump- were to indicate publicly that they have been in contact with me somehow. It seems unlikely, of course, which is why I have made no attempt to publicize these interactions or seek investigations of them. However, in the unlikely event that I am brought up publicly as someone who has interacted with either of these individuals, well, I hope this document and the ones it links to can be useful. I admit that the pieces I wrote for all of the above are fictionalized, but they are based on what feel to me like very real incidents. Hence the term “Hamlet’s play”.