Odd dreams

I’ve been catching up on some needed paperwork (including downloading TurboTax- now all I need are the slips from work) instead of writing this week.

One of the issues bipolar 2 people deal with is depression, and I have been struggling with mild depression that makes me want to sleep and sleep and sleep. It’s so hard to force myself to get on the treadmill (walking outside is easier but the weather has been abysmal), and so hard to force myself to cook healthy meals instead of just reach for something prepackaged. To stave off problems I made a large batch of soup and a quiche. I also have been more conscientious than usual in taking my supplements. I have found that two have really helped me: sublingual vitamin B12 (I found I was deficient about 18 months ago, per blood tests ordered by my doctor) and 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan, which is a serotonin precursor and in my case, helped me avoid crushing major depression, though I do still get depressed).

I am going to try a bit of an experiment with myself: tomorrow, in addition to the usual supplements and my 60 minutes of walking, I will try taking some St. John’s Wort.

Along with depression and sleeping a lot come, of course, odd dreams, and my recent dreams consist mostly of dreaming Stephen Colbert was in my office a few years ago and we managed to gain incriminating information on Donald Trump, including kompromat. Trump was threatening me and telling me he would bomb Toronto, since where I live is close to there.  Some of the kompromat was pretty bad. Because I can’t tell whether the dream was real or not (though I suspect it was not- why would Stephen Colbert be in my office, and why would Trump be calling us?) I find myself wondering if I might wind up in Robert Mueller’s investigation. I’d be no help at all, though, I don’t clearly remember anything Trump said. I’ll have to ask Stephen what he heard.