My sister, Evelyn

This is a “Hamlet’s Play” post. I took down the others but there is a lot more, so much more. I can republish them at a whim, and still might.

Ghislaine Maxwell is in the news.

I think in 1997 or so, I was “introduced” to Ms. Maxwell, Mr. Epstein (her friend and employer) and of course, the people who owned the penthouse this all happened in (that would be Mr. Donald Trump, senior). I had no idea what was going on, I was probably drugged, I was told to put on a cocktail dress and that my passport would be withheld from me and I’d have to work on a boat to earn it back, and if I performed up to standards I would get it back sooner.

This was in Vancouver. I was in graduate school then, so it was 1997 or so.

There was one witness, one person on my side, who helped me escape.

Years, years later, I got a reedy voice on the phone telling me he remembered me, I was a “passionate young lady”. I told him I was born in 1982. It didn’t seem to matter to him. “You performed very well, better than expected. My son was pleased.”

My actual date of birth might be in 1972, but I am really not sure now.

The person that introduced me is someone known as Evelyn, and I’d say her last name, but would that matter? She can prove she knows me. I can’t prove I have ever met her. It’s always been a game to her, how much can she take from me without my being able to do anything in response, how much can she abuse and humiliate me and get away completely because I have no idea what is being said about me, I’m often drugged or brainwashed to forget what happened (and yes, I remember- it started, for me, a long, long time ago and I remember what she did to me in Vancouver), and I suppose she thought her control over me was total, complete, and no one would ever realize she kept throwing me into the path of my rapists, the people who would gladly see me sex trafficked off onto some boat to Riga, the people who saw me as a thing to be used and not as a human being. They treat eveyone that way, why should I be surprised that I was included.

She thew me into their path in the 2000s, and again in before the election in 2016. I know he told me he intended to use help from “foreigners from St. Petersburg” to win an election he framed as being for “President, like high school president”. And he told me his friends would help him win. “If you tell anyone, I’ll make sure you join the fishes.” Only everyone knows, now, what he did, that he cheated and lied, and no one cares, he was impeached but no one seems to think he does not deserve the office he holds, despite the fact that he does the things he does, for the profane reasons he does them.

He was told, he would be asked to do something for the benefit of “Vlad” which would not be “so great for America” and he paused, said he would have to consider it, then called back and asked what it was. So much for his oath of office.

Evelyn has hid herself well, and I wonder what stories she tells of her half-sister, maybe she says my name is Mary, maybe she says my last name is Deeds. I wonder what else she has done to me. What lies has she spun? How much money intended for me has been embezzled? She tried to sell me into sexual slavery once, how many other times has this happened? What has she stolen from me, from people attempting to help me or give me payment for work I have done, honest work? She hid everything from me, including my birth family and my actual name, my birth name, and I’ve lived… how many lives? How many names have there been, how many people have been manipulated as she has manipulated me, how many lies has she told?

It started with her, probably before I was born, and it ends with me, here, holding a match.