So I spent maybe forty minutes waiting tonight for a friend to join me at a restaurant, and managed to get about five or six sheets of notes down- a rough outline of scenes for the first half of a story I want to write. The story is tentatively titled Infinity and is loosely based on dreams I’ve had for the past two years.  This work is difficult for me to write in one sense, since it’s very close to me, and in another sense is quite easy, since I merely have to describe events I feel I’ve experienced already.

I’ve been reading screenplays, and the style in which they are written matches in many respects the way I like to write. I don’t flatter myself that I will be an award-winning screenwriter, or that if I write a screenplay anyone will make it into a film, but I figure I can try my hand at each of a novel and a screenplay. It’s such a cliché, the person writing a screenplay in her spare time, so this is a project I probably won’t talk about very much. I have no idea how long this project may take.