Focus, focus, focus

One bane of my life is my wide-ranging interest in many things, and my perceived inability to choose one and focus. I admit this is a hallmark of my creative endeavors, and it is in no small part influenced by my bipolar symptoms. I hit a snag or get depressed and stop working on a project, and don’t pick it up right away again- and lo, much time passes without progress, especially if, while depressed, I get many other story or scientific ideas and put those all down, get excited about one, and start to work on it. Shiny! I know this about myself.

I finally took a look at Canadian publishers of novels, and found out that my longest novel draft, Infinity, is not long enough to be considered by the three SF publishers still in business and currently accepting work. Also, I took a look at publishers of short fiction and realized that short fiction is often extremely short! So much so that a few pieces I have in reserve (never published) might make for decent and publishable stories as is.

So while I work on bulking up my novel and making sure it still is a decent piece of writing (and I think I have to add in a bit more conflict with one sub-plot, which will require some thought), I have now a goal of writing short stories and, once I have a green card, submitting them to publishers (I am unclear on whether I can do this right now so just in case I can’t, I am going to wait). I do have a few little stories on Smashwords, mostly fun things I wrote for friends, and a few stories here on this site as well, again, just for fun. My favourite Smashwords story, “The Icicle Maiden and the Spider King”, I took down from that site just now since I think it deserves a home elsewhere. I don’t believe there are many downloads of either version that I had posted. Most of the rest of my Smashwords stories revolve around my characters Agent Diamond and Charming Guy, and while I like the silly situations I put them in, I’m not sure these stories would easily find a home elsewhere. Fantasy spy comedy is not a genre, as far as I can tell.

I still have a large sheaf of notes for October 6th, which I still am excited about, but I envision this as a visual story (so television), and that is a medium I know even less about. So that is going to have to wait, even though I think the story has merit.

In terms of my self-published book (novella, really- it is a short novel), Perigee, I am trying to get it pulled from the publisher I used as I’d like to combine it with Anagama and a short story or two and publish that as an anthology, if I can find a publisher to take such a thing from an unknown writer. But that is going to have to wait until I really make sure I’m happy with both novellas and the short stories I plan on adding. I also wanted, for some time now, to see if Perigee could use some revision. I revised it in a hurry in 2013, though now I am puzzled about why I was in such a rush. It has a nice couple of reviews on Amazon, which is gratifying.

I am trained as a scientist, and so it might be laughable to professional writers that I noodled around with fiction for so long without considering the details for the professional sale of my work, or knowing really the terminologies used by writers. I admit I was of the mindset, “if you write it and it’s good enough someone will buy it”. All I can say is that I may be late to this particular party but I am enthusiastic about joining, and improving my work as much as possible.