Black holes, wormholes and closed timelike curves

So, I’ve been working on the physics of time travel- or I should say, the fake physics, since I am merely attempting to come up with a convincing explanation for how unusual movement in spacetime might occur that can fool everyone but a physicist. I’m not well versed in physics, so this is an uphill battle for me.

This is part of my work on “Infinity”, and I have to say that while it’s challenging, it is rewarding. I so far have spent time simply reading books on physics trying to glean information, and while some books are disappointing, providing too simple explanations and in so doing, being self-contradictory (Sean Carroll, I am looking at your book From Eternity to Here), Lee Smolin’s Three Roads to Quantum Gravity is a rewarding read which actually accurately explains the second law of thermodynamics. I have a library copy, but I want to buy a copy to keep as it will be a good reference.

I keep thinking of closed timelike curves, black holes and wormholes- I want to learn more about how these constructs work, BUT I also have to make them function in a universe in which it’s very difficult to change the past, and in which objects and information can move in unusual ways in spacetime- and this movement is not only possible, it’s easy.  It happens spontaneously all the time, though we often do not detect it as it happens in an untargeted way (an analogy is laser light as opposed to normal light- both are light, but one requires much more technology to achieve). I do have some ideas as to how to explain this movement in spacetime in fake science that sounds fairly good, but it’s important to be sure I’m not making a very obvious mistake- so I’m reading partly to educate myself to find mistakes, and partly to get ideas that might help me hone my explanations.  And in the process, I’m learning a lot of interesting stuff.

I am doing all this work because a pet peeve of mine is fake science in movies, shows and books which is so obviously wrong- it bothers me when people research costumes and setting meticulously but ignore something like the basis of plot elements that are rooted in science. It’s laziness not to at least try to learn enough about your subject matter not to sound like an idiot. I may not be able to avoid sounding like an idiot, but I am certainly going to try.