Back to writing

Hello, readers! Now that the US election is over I’ll get back to posting stuff about writing, which is the entire purpose of this little blog.

It seems I haven’t been consuming modern culture nearly enough- I’ve recently been watching episodes of Luke Cage, and while the hero of Anagama (Seth) is not like Luke in most respects, they share similar superpowers. Now, I thought of Seth in 1994, basing him loosely on the dragon in R. A. MacAvoy’s Tea with the Black Dragon. He didn’t have a name until about 1998 or 1999, when I was driving in the rain in Alabama and I heard a little voice saying “My name is Seth.” I heard it very clearly, and I was alone, no radio on, so I just decided it was my subconscious talking about this nameless character, and I named him Seth.

However, all that backstory doesn’t matter to an agent that reads my work and thinks, “Ah, she is copying Luke Cage!”. It doesn’t help that Seth has aspects which make him vampiric, and vampires are passé.  The time for his story was when stories about vampires were at their peak, and so I think while I will keep working on the story I now figure it will only be a pet project for the dozen or so friends and family members who have copies of Perigee. 

.I still have my story outline for Infinity, which was inspired by my own bipolar delusions, and a few other stories based on other delusions which will turn into novellas. I thought briefly about putting them all in one huge book but really, there would be too much going on. It is possible someone else has thought of elements I use in Infinity, but I am hoping that the percolation through my psyche has come up with something entirely new, not something derivative. It would make an interesting study to see how popular culture consumed by a mentally ill person frames the delusions they have- I wonder if anyone has done a study such as this?

In any case, I’ve been remiss about writing much of anything since last Christmas, on the grounds that if it isn’t good, I shouldn’t write it. This is really the wrong attitude to have. I have more free time now, and while energy is lacking I am hoping that inspiration will give me some. I suppose lots of people face this problem of time/creative energy as they go about their daily lives. I don’t have to make time now, but I do have to stop making excuses.