Agent Diamond and the Red Rose Mystery

My character Agent Diamond showed up in a few dreams lately. I have several story ideas involving her, and, to a lesser extent, Charming Guy as well. I have been focusing a lot on Agent Diamond, so I may have to spend time contemplating Charming Guy to try and include more of him, or feature him in a story.

Around Valentine’s Day, I thought about how AD and CG are probably the subject of office gossip- and that led me to think, what might trigger a round of gossip? A dozen red roses show up for AD with no note- who are they from? Everyone assumes CG  but of course that’s ridiculous (he and AD are strictly platonic friends, with AD the older and more experienced secret agent). Who gave AD those roses?

This led me to wonder if AD has a romantic story in her past, a former beau who had to vanish from her life because he represents enemies of the agency she works for. I’ve concocted the outline of a story that I hope to finish and release for next year’s Valentine’s Day. The story will  explain why, every year, AD gets a dozen red roses, and why there’s an Escher print in her living room of a fish swimming in a river, with a scrap of paper hidden in the frame behind the print that says only: “To my little fish, the one that got away.”

I may give CG a romantic story as well. He tends not to take romance very seriously, but it’s not because he is a jerk. He’s just not ready to settle down. I am thinking he may fall in love with someone who does not reciprocate his affection, but I haven’t decided on the details yet.