A little wager

Hello, readers.

Note: Dec. 10 2019 – I wrote this below in November, and of course, this has not actually happened- as far as the public knows, myself included. However. I’m going to try this crystal ball thing once again and say: something involving Trump and myself is going to happen next week, on or around December 16th. Of course, it’s really impossible to tell the future- foreseeing is impossible- I am basing this on weird dreams I have had, memories of conversations held over three years ago.

A little wager I’d like to place between my strange dreams about Trump, and the world: I have a strange feeling that on Friday, December 6 someone in the Trump administration is going to try to implicate me in some sort of crime or scandal. I actually don’t know what this might be.

For the record, I’ve had no contact that I am aware of with anyone in the Trump administration, and only have had strange dreams that, back in 2016 before the election, I spoke with him or with officials in his administration on the phone. I can’t explain that.

I’m watching the unreeling of this chain of thoughts with interest and expect that they will make for a great plot, or perhaps subplot, in a work of fiction I am writing called Cloak.

Keep watching the news, folks.

NB: December 17 2019 – For more information on my possible interactions with Trump: Treason, Caveat, Character Diary Entry. I apologize for the quality of writing, which is not always that good, in retrospect- however, I want to keep the original dates on the posts, and I’ll leave them as I wrote them.

What’s real? I am bipolar, I can’t tell you. I hope my friend in the corner of the room who was present for some of it will be able to testify in my stead, since his memory is better than mine and he is not delusional.