Stephanie Woods

When I was in high school and for the first couple of years of college, I wrote under a pen name, “Stephanie Woods”. This actually becomes the name of a character I’m writing about in my novel Wings, but I did write fairly prolifically under this name, and I no longer have copies of my work.

Just a short note to young writers: Keep copies of your work! You may not decide ever to use the manuscripts but you never know when they may be found to be important, or useful in reminiscing, or a good reminder of how far you have come.

As for Stephanie Woods, I gave away a couple of disks’ worth of her collected works to friends, so I don’t know if those files ever were printed out and kept somewhere. If anyone out there sees this message and knows who I am and knew me in the 1980s and early 1990s well enough to have gotten a disk full of stories, I’d love to have copies of them back.

Many thanks,


Elizabeth Bent, Ph.D.

PS: I never used other aliases but it’s possible when I lived in California and elsewhere, starting in about 2003, my work (mostly in the form of creative concepts) was submitted under another name somewhere, or my ideas used by third parties inserting themselves into the chain of communication by pretending to be agents or editors or managers, and removing my name completely from credit for work, as well as from payment. It’s impossible for me to predict all the possible names. I think Jill Turklington was one. There were others that I no longer can recall. Zelda Schmiflitz, I think, too. “Spelled like it sounds” was a joke I often told with that one. Possibly some alphanumerics. And I recall using the moniker “No Name”, or “Woman With No Name”. If anyone has information about any of these names and whether they’ve come across creative concepts supplied by such, I would like a chance to learn more. For reasons too complex to explain here I never could find out anything about these interactions at or around the time they probably occurred (I’m writing about that as well). I feel if someone has been stealing from me they deserve to be sued, and if people have committed bank or mail fraud, or entered my home without permission, this needs to be addressed also.