Hamlet’s Play: The short story

Hello! I had an interesting day. It passed very quickly, as I was lost on an isolated island in the middle of an ocean, somewhere in the world I created in the pages of a new short story.

I still have to proofread and edit it a fair bit. I have asked for feedback. I like the premise a lot, and I may someday expand it into scripts or chapters, and release it as a longer or more complicated work. But I am pleased that I managed as much as I did today.

It’s a bit over 5000 words, so not very long, but I haven’t written a complete story in a very long time, and I am pleased that I managed to create one today.

I plan on crafting a cover for it, and then releasing it as an ebook on Smashwords. I also haven’t written a lot on that website, and I think I need to start just writing little stories like this and releasing them a little more often. I had several ideas for my silly spy series, The Adventures of Agent Diamond and Charming Guy, and I had fun writing the stories that are present on that website.

This new story, Hamlet’s Play, is of course inspired by a lot of the posts I had made of the same name (and which I took down); it’s different, though. The tone and details are different. I often have a problem finding unique names for all my story ideas when the stories have similar themes.

Hamlet’s Play is extremely dark and I would keep it away from children. It is an exploration of many ideas which have been on my mind, lots of what might be dreams or might be actual traumatic events, and it’s not a full exploration of those but I needed this story to be readable. It’s darker than my series October 6th, which is peppered with dark humor. I need to come up with a better name for October 6th, which describes the psychological manipulation of a kidnapped woman placed in a weird university-like environment called The Campus. She has to remember a crime she was witness to, and the criminal responsible, while dealing with a lot of buried memories and people trying to force her to forget.

For those that may be concerned, my actual memories of my life are not quite so dire as what I detail in Hamlet’s Play, although there are many elements of my past which are, indeed, factually true and which I included in the story. I won’t say which.

I will have to think of how to word a content warning. I hope if you decide to delve into the psychological horrors I endure on a daily basis, you are prepared.