How I’m doing

Hello, readers! I went through my blog and took down a number of posts that I thought were too free with information on works in progress, or which I thought were a little too personal.

I’ve been focusing on data analytics for most of 2020 instead of doing much creative writing; I have had some pretty good ideas which I think will be very useful to someone and I’m pleased with that.

I did try my hand at a podcast but find the constant pace of having to create and edit and upload new content on a regular basis was too much for me, so I just am leaving the one episode up (it might have unpublished automatically after some time, since I used a free service). I am thinking my next efforts in podcasting will involve making a series of shows, and then editing them and having them ready to upload so I can simply do one a week, and not worry about being debilitated from illness (I am bipolar).

It’s been a little frustrating. I’ve spent most of 2020 working on or waiting for a green card application to go through and that means I can’t do anything really useful- I can’t work, I can’t volunteer, and I’m stuck at home most days just amusing myself. This is fine, it has given me ample time to think and as I indicated above, I have come up with what might be some very important ideas. I can’t really go into detail about all of them, except to say I might have had some groundbreaking thoughts about data analysis, AND, this is very important- eat yogurt containing probiotics. It’s generally good for you anyway but if there are antinflammatory bacteria in the yogurt (the average person won’t know but odds are your “good” or probiotic bacteria do this), it might be really helpful right around now. Why I think this has its basis in current research to do with COVID-19 and how it may work, and cytokine storms, and how certain strains of bacteria interact with the human body. It’s just a working hypothesis, I can’t do any experiments.

I’ve been working off and on (mostly off- this year has been stressful) on several projects, and need to sit and make notes about many new ideas I’ve had. I’m up to over 80 project ideas, all of which remain unfinished- I realized belatedly after thinking I was finished with Anagama and Infinity that they are too short for standard publishers, the first being a novella and the second being a very short novel. I deleted a rant of mine about novel lengths, but basically I think the days of a short but pithy science fiction novel (I am thinking here of the gem Fahrenheit 451) are done. This enrages me but it’s not my call, I’m not a publisher. Personally, I’d rather buy a short novel from an unknown author than some giant fat thing that I might not love and have to wade through anyway to get my money’s worth- longer is not always better!

I self-published Perigee but it also is too short, and I reread it recently and wish to change the introduction, and add in some more of Avesta’s backstory- and perhaps make Meridian a little more interesting. I wrote this novel originally in 2001 to cheer myself up and unfortunately I made the main character kind of flat, having more fun with all the others. I republished in 2013 and it was better, but I really needed to think about adding in more about Avesta. I also have considered pairing Perigee with Anagama in a kind of compilation, maybe with an additional story to say the things I would like to about Avesta and perhaps some other characters, but I don’t know a publisher that would want to do this sort of unusual arrangement for a new writer like myself.

So none of my many project ideas are finished, and most exist only as concepts, but I think once I get my footing and can afford to hire someone to help me edit my stories and provide professional feedback, I’ll start making good progress.

Wish me luck!