Pandemic response post #2

Hello, readers!

I’ve been neglecting my fiction writing and focusing on science, and finding a second job. I have one but it hasn’t been paying much.

I wrote something I’m pretty happy with, which I think could be useful, and it’s in my science project blog, here. Basically, it’s a way to use the fact that COVID-19 spreads rapidly and lots of people have probably been exposed to look at clinical trial data for existing clinical trials in a new way. We might be able to get a shortcut to finding treatments that work to combat this virus, and we need all the help we can get.

I wrote to a number of clinical trial companies, ministries of health, newspapers, and now I wait to see if what I’ve thought of finds an audience, and if it will actually be useful. It’s a very simple but potentially powerful idea.

I’m happy to report that my bipolar dreams have been getting a little more normal, so no new story ideas so far (other than my last post’s, which is fairly obvious). I’m keeping up all my disturbing posts (mainly these are from my “Hamlet’s play” series) partly because these may be entertaining, but also because, well, it is in theory possible that some of the events I’ve recalled which I based these posts on could have happened- I do not know, I may never know, and so I’m leaving them where they are just in case they are seen by the guilty parties, and they manage to reveal themselves in their reactions. The dreams about Trump were probably informed by the news, but again, I’m leaving them where they are because it’s frankly a lot of work to go back and edit every post to remove every reference. And… you never know, maybe he did phone me.

In any case, I hope very much to get back to writing fiction soon, and I’m very pleased with today’s idea- I hope that it can be useful.

Pandemic response post

Hello, readers! My mind is on the current pandemic, as is everyone else’s, I think.

I had a pretty neat idea just now, which draws upon actual dreams I have been having.

Suppose you were fifty years or so into our future, and technology to send information backward in time (say, through wormholes created via quantum entanglement) is crude, but workable.

What if you figured out how to send information backward in time to, say, several years ago- and the idea is that the information would be difficult to read on technology that existed then, but not impossible. It simply would be a matter of reformatting the data sent so that machines from a few years ago could read them.

What if you managed to send back information vital to stopping the pandemic- like, say, the results of clinical trials of vaccines and antiviral drugs effective yet safe enough to be used to stop COVID-19? What if you managed to send the information back to people wealthy enough to be able to work with a drug manufacturer, in secret, starting a few years ago, so that in a short while, if approvals can be given to use the treatments, drugs are available and they can be made available worldwide- at no cost?

I love this idea a lot. I’m not afraid to post it publicly because I have a list of over 60 story ideas which I love and won’t have time to write myself, so I am not too worried if someone appropriates this idea. I would prefer to be consulted if someone wants to use this and if a work makes money, but I am resigned to the fact that people steal ideas all the time, and so I think for reasons I am keeping to myself for now, that I’m risking theft of this interesting idea- I am not risking too much, I think.

I guess we see how this pandemic runs its course, but I for one am hoping that future humans are able to intervene to help us in the current age.

Behind the veil

I’m pretty exhausted. I wrote a number of works which I am collectively calling the “Hamlet’s play” series, and a mysterious figure Evelyn shows up in many of them. She can be seen as a metaphor, if you like, though I am not entirely certain if I have actually met a woman of her description.

In this series, there are some references to President Trump, and this is explained by the recurring dreams I have had- some amusing, some frightening- where he shows up as a negative figure. I’m not a fan of 45 so that, too, is explained by this.

As far as I know, I have no evidence of either Evelyn or President Trump actually contacting me- though, because of the recurring dreams and what feel to me like actual memories (as opposed to delusions which, with medication and time, fade) uncovered in the course of self-care and therapy. So I’m treating these ideas as interesting ones, and as I’ve mentioned before, I plan to write a number of novels and TV scripts based on them, or aspects of them.

I’ve bet before, and keep making bets with myself, as to when one or both of these figures (Evelyn, or President Trump) might indicate to people they know or to the public in general that they have met and interacted with me. I’ve always been wrong, so the most logical explanation for the lack of interaction is that I’ve never been contacted and there is no history of interaction.


The dreams, they keep coming. I’m keeping my “Hamlet’s play” series more or less to myself from now on (I’ve shared enough, and also, I would like to use some of the ideas in fiction I plan to sell). I plan to use quite a lot of it in several works: notably a novel I am calling Cloak, another mock autobiographical work I am calling The Accidental Spy, and a TV series I have conceived of which is based on a story I am calling, for now, “October 6th“. I haven’t said a lot about what is going into these because I would dearly like to finish writing them before someone else can appropriate the contents.

In terms of my fiction output, I have not finished with these projects; I did, however, come across some older manuscripts or half-manuscripts for short stories, and I plan on publishing those as time permits, and as I find collaborators willing to provide me with decent ebook covers so I can put them out on Smashwords. My productivity this year and last has not been steady, but I hope very much to pick up when the spring finally arrives, and at least put out a couple of new Smashwords ebooks.

My novel Anagama is edited, and I plan to attempt to find a publisher for it as soon as I feel confident that I can approach a US-based agent with it (I’m Canadian). I’m also happy with Infinity, and I hope to find a publisher for it as well. And, finally, I have not yet pulled Perigee from the internet shelves, mostly because I am not done with the planned revisions, and I hope to finish with those as soon as I have sent out queries for the first two novels.

In addition to all these works, my peculiar situation of having more creative thought than energy to write has left me with literally dozens of additional story ideas that I think would make great projects but which I simply may never have time to write (I am up to about 60). I wish I could collaborate with more energetic people to make these real projects, but I am taking things one day at a time.

Here’s hoping that my energy and focus to write fiction returns soon. In the meantime, I hope you can find something of interest in the works I already have publicly available on Amazon or on Smashwords, and I hope very much to start adding to these, and working on additional ways to promote my fiction.

I’m lucky that my energy level has not impaired my ability to do science- I have been busy formulating ideas for grants and working on fleshing them out with colleagues, as well as finding grant agencies and programs that are appropriate for the work I want to do. I have developed an interest in learning to fly agricultural drones and interpret the spectra collected by different sensors, and have some novel ideas as to how apply aerial drone survey data to track certain phenomena important in the microbial ecology of agricultural soils. I am hoping that soon I might even find a position which allows me to actually work on these ideas and write grants as a PI or co-PI, and I am aware that my fiction output will probably diminish as a consequence. I’m optimistic that, like Isaac Asimov, I can continue to work and teach and find spare time to work on my fiction as a hobby.

So, readers, I have a fair number of ambitious plans, and I hope you will bear with me as I strive to achieve them.