Character diary entry

Inspired by the impeachment hearings, I decided to write a piece in the format of a character’s diary entry. She has my name but otherwise is a fictional character who receives calls from the Trump White House that travel through time, from 2019 or so back to before the election in 2016. This piece takes inspiration also from some true events.

Begin transmission, November 13, 2019.

I’ve been thinking about Evelyn, and the man in the hotel. It was puzzling for so long, how were they connected to me? And, of course, I remember. The tie in with the man is when she first tried to sell me to his family. I remember this: I WAS raped, kidnapped off the street, drugged, and raped, and later brought to a hotel penthouse where I was supposed to be sold into sex trafficking of some kind, there was mention of “a boat” and there was a woman that in hindsight must have been Evelyn telling me to just “relax and enjoy whatever happens to you”. This was about 1997 in Vancouver. I now suspect it was Trump and his family because (a) the hotel and (b) later when I got the series of suspicious calls from “Donny” who was “President”.

In my defense, I did not know of what, and for me this was in 2016 before the election, so Obama was POTUS and “Donny” had presented himself to me, when he asked for help, as running for “something like high school president” so I thought he was a mentally retarded adult in high school. “Donny” said something to me about how he had been introduced to me by his sons and how he thought I was “a very passionate young lady.” This was after he called himself “Mr. President”.

In any case, dear diary, that’s how Evelyn and the Trumps and I are connected. She keeps putting them in touch with me. She kept doing this when I lived in Riverside and later in North Hollywood, working full time as a scientist and making very little salary, while I was on the phone with what must have been influential and wealthy people, helping them with their problems, and not getting a penny in return, no names, no contact information, and any benefit from any of this was pocketed or claimed by Evelyn. She once taunted me that I was making her a lot of money and she owned me, I was her slave. That’s when I stopped answering my phone and refused all calls. I would not talk to anyone I could not identify and I blocked every number that came from someone I could not identify, whether I liked them as people or not. I just wanted to feel safe again. I lost contact with Seth M. this way, I lost contact with others, very valuable contacts, and the only way I re-established contact was via this odd connection we have, which can’t be tracked or traced and consists of… what? I have no idea. I think the tech handles it.

Anyway, from all of Evelyn’s shenanigans Trump knew I was a problem solver, and when he had his election campaign he asked me for help winning it. I thought he was just an unpleasant guy in high school and quickly grew tired. He didn’t want to win fairly, on the basis of popularity or a winning platform. He wanted to cheat. So he asked me if he could get help from “foreign students, like from St. Petersburg” and I was tired and fed up so I just told him that was fine, the school should allow it, something like that. And then the next calls I got he was “President” and he wanted me to call him “Mr. President” and I quickly got fed up with that. Frankly, he was a graceless, untalented and ineloquent twat. He called and called but for me it was all in a span of about a day or two in Guelph, ON. In 2016.

In hindsight, that was weird but as time progressed for me since 2016 and Trump’s presidency unwound and weird things kept being reported in the news, some seemed oddly familiar. I could sometimes trace them to vague memories of calls made. I remember thinking, in 2016, of the bizarre things I said he should do if he wanted “magical help”, thinking: surely, surely law enforcement will stop him. Surely the press will stop him. Surely there are checks in place. I told him about the bushes Shaun Spicer hid in, I told him about how Sicario was a real story of real events (it’s not), I told him to look at the eclipse. I told him to attack so many different groups. thinking, too many targeted groups, surely someone will see what he’s doing and stop him before he can do real damage. But, of course, no one has been able to and all the awful policies he has enacted are mostly in place, and all the laws he broke (whether actual law or simply rules of common decency) he can break with impunity. No one has been able to check him in any significant way that I am aware of. The impeachment hearings are going to be important but there is so much resistance from HALF OF CONGRESS that it’s tricky to see if it’s going to fall out for the rule of law and moral decency and justice, or if the traitors will stick to their underhanded game plan of making sure their side keeps power at any cost necessary, including the destruction of their own country’s government.

I know he is a traitor- whoever was on the phone- since I actually pretended to be a Russian and put on an accent and told him I worked for “Vlad” (I actually did not recall Putin, I was thinking of Dracula and improvising all the time) and once it became clear to me that he thought I was in the Russian government I switched and said that if he wanted Russian help he needed to “do some little things, maybe not so little things, but they will help us and you.” And then I made it clear, in multiple statements, that these things will harm America but they would be good for whoever I was talking to (I could not remember who it was). And then I pressured the person I was talking to to make a decision about whether he would betray his country for Russian help and some kind of profit quickly, and his decision was, yes, he would do it. He wanted instructions.

The man I was talking to was a traitor. And I don’t know if at that point it was Trump, or one of his henchmen. I won’t say “official” because they are mobsters, not government servants. But this person said he would do an unspecified act that was “good for Russia and for you” (meaning him, the person) “but bad for America”. That’s treason. To be clear, I’m not Russian. I’m Canadian. And I have no connections to Russia, I simply wanted to find out if the people I was talking to were traitors. I happen to like America.

I think at one point in 2016 Evelyn was in my office and she had a phone and she handed it to me asking me to talk to whoever is on the other end, and I’m accused of being a whistleblower and in government and asked all sorts of questions about events which, for me, would not happen for another 3 years. I did my best but honestly, I was so confused and my tech (that Evelyn could control, or partially control) was malfunctioning and I was unable to remember much of what I needed to tell the people I was talking to… diary, I don’t remember much at all of what I said but all I knew is that I was innocent and being framed for something, or set up for something- some criminal act, or some targeting with death threats, and I think at one point someone calls me (perhaps intending to call someone else) and asked me to arrange for a hit on “Elizabeth Bent”.

I’m Elizabeth Bent.

I said I’d do it and tried to get information on who they were but can’t now recall what they told me. This is always my curse. I just hope Steve kept the tapes. That’s the only proof I have that I’m not a traitor- that and the fact that my phone has not rung with a White House number since 2016.

This reminds me of the time Evelyn offered me money to impersonate myself. Again, I’d never have suspected her of wrongdoing if she hadn’t done that. I am so glad she did that, though, because my ability to talk to Steve at all all hinged on that day.

I don’t know what happens. I don’t know if my tech is working better now, has vanished, or if Evelyn will continue to be a problem for me by finding ways to misuse it and me. I feel like she’s been plaguing my life since I was thirteen, in 1985. I believe she knows so much about how to abuse me and all my weaknesses, physical and psychological and tech-created, like all my blackouts and inability to process certain information that is vital for me to be able to protect myself. Future tech like what I have been given is certainly a mixed blessing. I’ve managed to stay alive despite so many assassination attempts, but honestly, I wish I were allowed to know what is going on, and what has happened to me.

I wish I could finally find and talk to Steve. I worry so much that I’m imagining the tape he played a partial piece of in 2017. I worry so much that, frankly, I imagined the entire thing- the calls, the hearing or trial I found myself unwittingly in, not understanding what was going on, and Steve himself.

Time will show me if I am right, I only have to wait and keep watching.

End transmission, November 13, 2019