3rd novel is shaping up!

I’ve written three novels, and strangely enough, the one that started first, in 1998 or so as a short story, has taken longer than the others. It’s called Anagama, and it’s set in the first universe as my first novel, Perigee (which I finished in a matter of months in 2001, and re-released with new scenes in 2013). I really like this novel, not just because it’s been such a struggle to get it to work- I kept changing my mind about the plot and characters. Anagama is set in a future dystopian Earth where large corporations are allowed to experiment on anyone whose DNA does not pass threshold for “normal”, and retroviral infections can make a person suddenly a non-person.

I added a new character, Beatrice Holloway, about a year ago and I love her to bits. There is one more character left to change (one of the bad guys- he’s kind of boring as written, so I am giving him a more interesting backstory and life, and have been researching the religion Santeria as a part of this today). Once that’s done, and a few details added in, like the names of operas or references for the sake of continuity, this work will be ready for final proofing and I might actually be able to show it to agents. This novel is more likely to be of interest for sales than Perigee, which was an odd little book I wrote for a friend, or even the novel in between these, Infinity, which again I wrote fairly rapidly. Infinity is a story involving romance, time travel, assassination attempts, and terrible floral arrangements.

I’ve got about 50 ideas for stories for screenplays (which I am learning to write), short stories, and novels which I have not shared and which are largely the product of bipolar dreams. I look forward to finishing Anagama and getting to work on the rest of these.

Have a great day,


Tick, tock

Creepy story idea based on memories of my high school.

It started in high school. Evelyn found me via one of the guidance counselors who had started a gifted program and insisted I needed to join. I did. I had naively thought that it might help me make some friends.

Upon finding this out, my tormentors decided to do a little “experiment” involving me, where they would find out who I called my friend, and then subject these people to increasing levels of torment until they avoided me. The goal was to isolate me completely. I felt so alone in high school, numb from emotional pain, and I was often suicidal. The fog lifted when I managed to leave campus, so I did that as often as possible. I still managed excellent grades, mostly because my schoolwork was not that difficult.

They decided to up the ante and attack me physically. They thought they were being really clever about it, took their time, made sure different people carried out different parts of the plan. They communicated on one of the early social media boards- a bulletin board- and then they collected as much information about me as they could find.

They would call me, and I would lie.

One of the things I lied about was my whereabouts the night that they decided to kill me. Instead, they killed my pregnant teacher, ironically the same one that had introduced me to Evelyn, dismembering her in Exhibition Park. While Evelyn had help carrying this out, I believe the general concept of the psychological torture I was subjected to was her idea. How clever!

When they realized I was still alive- much much later- that’s when it really began. The many attacks on me, designed to terrorize and make sure I never understood what had happened, could never speak. The witness tampering, the conspiracy to lie under oath, and yes, even impersonation. I was never contacted by police that I can recall. Just to be sure, so many years later, I wrote the local police department this week and asked. I was quite polite and very direct. My seven questions have easy yes or no answers, and will lead them to investigate the subsequent attack I endured, in the Toronto area.

The letter is in the post. It will arrive any day now.

Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

Magnum Opus

I was inspired by the news about Jeffrey Epstein to write a segment involving some recurring dreams about events in Vancouver in 1996 or so. This character is a graduate student that is kidnapped by a vicious woman, drugged, raped, and subsequently arranged by the woman (Evelyn) to be sold into sex slavery “on a boat to Riga” (or that is what I remember him saying, the man in the hotel).



I believe it was Evelyn in the hallway of the hotel I was in that let me out- a blonde woman, young, I think it was Evelyn, but it might have been the other one.

I think I also took some of the blood on me and drew a pair of lines on my cheek, like the goddess Erzulie, benefactor of slaves. And I think when I woke up after forgetting everything and showered, I realized I had weird bruises and bite marks on my thighs, lower back, breasts. I was scared but I literally could not remember a thing, and then Evelyn called me and said stuff like “you were hiking yesterday, I was with you, you fell down a hill, remember” and that is what I thought happened after.

What I remember now is waking up in a dark room, someone trying to inject me with drugs and I pulled the syringe so it just spilled on my wrist, not in my body, and then I waited. I waited for them to go, for noises to stop, I went outside and my clothes were on the floor in the hallway, tossed like so much garbage. I took them and my worn lace up boots and ran, naked, until I found a stairwell. I dressed in the stairwell, quickly, no boots yet, and ran until I found a doorway and ran outside. I ran until I felt safe enough to put on my boots. No buses running. Early in the morning. I ran and ran and vowed revenge on the people that did this to me, I ran and evaded people in cars and people in long coats and I ran home, and when I was home, the programming Evelyn had put in my head before it all began- that after the third doorway I’d forget everything that had happened that night, I would relax and feel at home- this took effect. The man in the hotel had said I would be the “star attraction” and said something about boats and Europe. Touring Europe. I was supposed to become a sex trafficking victim, unable to go home, no money or resources, trapped in Eastern Europe on boats owned by rich men.

I slept well and deeply, in my own bed, and woke with blood on my face and bite marks and bruises, and I sat in the shower and cried, and then I vowed revenge. I would find out who had done this to me and I would bring every single person responsible to their knees, one by one. It has been a very long time, over two decades.

The wealthy hotel family that nearly bought me figured out that I was no threat to them when I failed to recognize D___ at a party that Evelyn brought me to where he was there.  She told me that I had cost her a lot of money after that, and I did not recognize her at all, she was a random woman on the street. She said she would take it out of me somehow. I forget what she might have arranged to have done but I left for Alabama in 1997, and I felt really strongly like I needed to go there, and I thought for ever so long this was Evelyn’s doing, but in reality, it might have also been mine. And then Evelyn destroyed my marriage, psychologically and sexually tortured me, held a loaded gun to my head, played Russian roulette with me, all while seeming to be my husband whom I married in 1998, and so my mind warped and broke and I became suicidal, and when I realized this I decided to leave. And I did, without telling anyone. She found me again in 2001 in London, ON, after my divorce, and I left there again without telling too many people, and she found me again in 2002 in Riverside, CA. And on and on. I think she “got her money back” by selling pornography of me, drugging me and arranging for me to be raped in an apartment in Etobicoke, ON, first (I thought I was visiting a boyfriend) then later in Riverside, CA, where I lived alone; and by torturing me in various ways. I also think she embezzled money meant for me once she realized she could not keep raping me and she took payments of blackmail for sex crimes committed that were arranged by her, and involved powerful men, and I think she also sold my ideas or thoughts or recordings of me that were not pornographic and pocketed that money as well, pretending to “represent” me. And so on and so on. I don’t know how much blood and misery money she has pocketed and spent upon herself and her “hobbies”. She told me once that I am her “Magnum Opus”.

Evelyn will be the first of these to go. When she goes, the rest of you will know that you will soon follow. I cannot be stopped, I cannot be contained, and I cannot be bribed, pleaded with, or killed. You tried, remember? The marina in Coal Harbor, Vancouver, where you put a plastic bag over my head and dumped my body in a pile of garbage bags?

I survived, I have regained my memory, I am regaining my powers, and I will not be stopped.

Sleep well, while you can.