Found it

At the beginning of 2016 (January 2, to be clear), I had finished a final draft of my manuscript for Anagama, which is set in the same universe as my self-published novel Perigee, ready for review. I thought. I sent it away and hoped for good feedback.

I was puzzled that my reviewers were not able to follow the story, until I looked at the file I had sent- it was corrupted! Somehow chapters from an earlier version of the manuscript (which had a completely different plot) were interleaved with chapters from the actual, finished manuscript. And when I tried to look at my many backups, all of those were corrupted, too.

I won’t speculate as to what happened, though I have my theories. But suffice it to say, I was very pleased when I went through old emails to a friend and found an uncorrupted copy of my book manuscript! I have to read it through carefully, but despite not having proofreading touches added in (like converting en dashes to em dashes, that sort of thing), on first glance it looks like it’s mostly the correct version. I’m so pleased!

I also have spent a bit of time in the intervening years pondering, and there are a few changes I want to make to characters in my “final” draft of Anagama– so while I’m pleased to have a good version of my work in hand (I had spent a lot of time on it, particularly over the Christmas break in 2015), it probably isn’t going to be my last draft.

I’ve been very busy with my two paying jobs for now- I have a backlog of work lined up from when I became ill over the winter, and until I clear that up I won’t have a lot of energy to devote to writing. But I thought I would share this one small triumph with you.

I hope you have a wonderful night,