Back to work

Hey, readers, I struggled for a little bit with health issues (long story), but I seem to have gotten my productivity back. I am behind with Wings but I have to clear out a backlog of work for my two research jobs first. I had hoped to finish Wings by the end of the year, but that seems unlikely as my paid workload is only going to increase over time. I’ll keep you posted on when a first draft seems likely to be completed. Right now it looks like end of February.

I am still working on Cloak. I really, really want to write this one but I don’t yet know the ending! As I’ve mentioned, it is going to be based on current events, borrowing heavily from them, but with some “behind the scenes” information. I have been toying with a variety of endings, but I want them to mesh with real life so that the suspension of disbelief is maintained. So, for example, I can’t end it with the President resigning unless Trump himself actually resigns.

The dreams I’ve had which involve Trump continue. Aside from dreams I’ve had where he asks me, annoyingly, about cheating in elections “for a president, like a high school president” and asks me if it is okay if he has some “friends” help him, and if it is okay if they are “foreign students”, I’ve had others (and those have been recurring for well over 18 months now). Here’s an excerpt from an email I wrote to a friend describing one persistent dream:

“Have two jobs and they’re hard to stay focused on all the time with the circus going on in my head. One of the less distrurbing things going on that I can tell you about: I had dreams that I[‘ve] met Stephen Colbert (late-night show host)… I keep thinking I’ve met him many times before and that he is undercover on some kind of secret mission to overthrow Trump that I’m involved in, and that after the midterm elections in the USA there will be a sex tape of Trump involving pig noises (it’s an audiotape) released. “

So there you have it, folks. This would, of course, make a truly excellent ending to my book, but I want to stick with suspension of disbelief.

Hope you have a great day.