Some more thoughts about Donald Trump

I wrote about the current POTUS a while back (See here: Some thoughts about Donald Trump). I’ve been watching events unfold ever since Mueller was given the task of investigating him, and keeping notes. I figure that one day younger people might find this interesting. But on a more current note, I’ve also been busy thinking of many possible endings for my novel project Cloak, as well as making progress (slow, but definite) on my current novel-in-progress Wings.

If you’re not aware, Cloak is a novel that describes the fall of a corrupt White House administration, and it borrows heavily from current events, as well as persistent dreams of my own of speaking to Donald Trump (see the above referenced URL to a prior post describing these).

Why would Donald Trump contact me, and not someone else? I have no idea. It seems pretty unlikely, right?

I hope you have a great day.