Some thoughts about Donald Trump

Hello, readers!

I’ve already plotted my novel Cloak, but I am watching events unfold surrounding the Trump Administration with interest- some of the settings and details of what happens in the book toward the end will be informed by what actually happens on the world stage. I think the end result will be more entertaining, and make a lot of people wonder- what if? [July 13 2018 update: Oh boy oh boy oh boy, thank you Rod Rosenstein!]

In other news, I have had more recollections about Donald Trump- these keep recurring. Because I am bipolar, and it seems very unlikely that he would call me, I keep hedging and thinking that I’ve dreamt the entire thing- but if it ever comes to light that he did, in fact, call me, then this is very likely to be a real memory.

Someone who sounds exactly like Trump spoke to me as “Donny” on my phone in my office at the University of Guelph, wanting to get some advice on how to overthrow what he depicted as an “election, like for high school president”.  He asked if it was okay to include “foreign people” in his plans, and I thought he meant foreign exchange students or recent immigrants. I thought he was a mentally retarded adult and was at first sympathetic. I told him to campaign well and talk to people, and so on, but he insisted he needed extra help. Finally I lost my temper and told him “Well, why don’t you stuff the ballot boxes?” and he said “There now, that’s what we’ve been thinking.” He went on to ask me how he can distract from stuffing the ballot boxes in his school and I said, “Pull the fire alarm.” He then said, “What if I couldn’t afford to pull it myself- is it okay to ask for help?” At this point I wanted him off my phone, I was tired of the conversation, so I snapped, “Sure, if you’re fine with stuffing ballot boxes, you might as well get help.” He asked me if it was all right that his “foreign” friends were “from out of town, like maybe St. Petersburg,” and I told him it was fine and got off the phone as soon as possible. This was before the election, but because it had been framed as a conversation about high school politics, I never thought twice about it.

I got another call later from “Donny”, who told me that the plan worked, and did I want to work for him? He insisted I call him “Mr. President”. I thought this was very strange for a high school student, and said so. He got very angry and said “show her the seal.” My screen was black, and I was busy, so I simply turned my phone off, thinking it was more nuisance calling from a mentally retarded, poorly behaved man. In hindsight, with everything that Mueller is uncovering which has been in the news, I find myself wondering: did Donald Trump call me once he was President?

And did he ask me for advice on how to manipulate the 2016 Presidential election?

And did he tell me that he planned to do this using help from Russian foreign agents?

I believe even wanting to manipulate a legitimate election and actually taking steps to do this would be a crime, especially if foreign agents were involved. I would suggest that if the phone call to me was real, that if Donald Trump were trying to get opinions on how to overthrow a legitimate election to win it by cheating or by disinformation campaigns, and he were asking ME about this (I am Canadian), well, that would make him guilty of espionage with a foreign agent, even though I’m not an anti-American spy and Canada is not (yet) a hostile nation to the United States. And Trump certainly does seem to be very pro-Putin these days, is he not? It’s pretty clear Russians were involved in a disinformation campaign against Hillary Clinton to support Trump. [July 13 update: Rod Rosenstein basically confirmed this fact today.] I’m not clear on whether they or others were involved in “stuffing ballot boxes”, or how you’d prove it without paper ballots to go back to. [July 13 update: One of the things Rosenstein mentioned in his press conference was that half a million voter registration records had been stolen and software involved in validating voter registrations had been, I believe, manipulated.]

If tapes of any conversation I’ve had with Trump exist and are released, that would be extremely satisfying. I’d offer to testify that I got a phone call from “Donny” who got mad when I called him that and then made me call him “Mr. President” about how he can fix “an election, like for high school president” with the help of “foreign friends, like from St. Petersburg” to guarantee he would win. I am certain that if I did talk to Trump and there is evidence of this, that this really did happen. Mr. Mueller, if somehow you find tapes of any conversation between myself and Trump exist and you’re investigating me, all I am is a harmless bipolar Canadian scientist- please let me testify under oath about what I can remember to the best of my ability. I’m afraid my memory is quite poor, and the snippets above are the best I can recall, but hopefully if there are taped conversations they will be more illuminating.


I went through a list of pitches for my various story ideas, and identified 20 different projects! No one can say I don’t have a lot of creative ideas.

In other news, I’ve finished an outline for Wings and I’m looking forward to writing. I got carpal tunnel from some data entry I did for my boss in Guelph, ON, and I have a second job now based in Edmonton, AB. So I have been very slow about writing fiction. I love my jobs but I really wish sometimes that I could retire now and just focus exclusively on fiction.

I’ve written another blog entry that again deals with Donald Trump (I just can’t shake the idea that he actually called me while I was in my office, but how or why this would come about I have no idea), but I’m delaying its publication until Monday morning (the 25th).

My moods have lately been pretty stable, which I attribute to increased exercise, so that’s pretty good. I’ll take anything that allows me to be happier and more productive.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!