Here, piggy piggy

Hello, readers!

I had an unpleasant experience today (April 6th). Some guy on Twitter spouted anti-choice gibberish at me in a stream of tweets I did not bother to read, and seemed to think not only should I read them but I should be impressed with his mental acuity and cleverness. Nope. I stated my case again and muted him and moved on. I’m not a philosophy teacher and I don’t have the patience to sit with random strangers on the internet, dissect their arguments for them, and point out every flaw while being subjected to endless innuendo and abuse.

This annoyed me so much I wasn’t really able to focus on my novel-in-progress, and so instead I did some thinking about various other projects, including a Star Wars spinoff film I’d love to help write. In the course of this, I remembered a couple of recurring dreams of mine and thought I’d share.

Did you know there’s an entire website devoted to dreams about Trump?

Here is another, which I’m leaving here on my own fiction site. Interpret it as you will.

It’s actually a series of dreams, a series of vaguely remembered phone conversations. In the first, I am speaking to “Donny” who asks how he can rig his election for high school president. Because it is obviously an older man talking, I assume he’s mentally challenged, and I am kind to him. In the next, I am speaking to someone named “Don” who essentially admits to using an underage prostitute and implies I will be next, and then implies that he worked with “really smart people” who were in charge of “filling boxes”. In the third, I get really tired of “Don”, who called to ask how he can get out of his ostensibly wholly unmerited legal troubles without actually paying anyone any money or going to the police, and I play a joke on him- I pretend to be a psychic and tell him the only way out is to fuck a pig in front of his wife. In the fourth and final dream, someone calls me up and plays what I can only hope is a recording of a pig snorting and squealing, and an older man moaning and saying stuff like “That’s right… come on now… just like that…”

What does this mean? I have no idea, but since I started having these dreams right around January 2017 (all four of them, out of sequence, again and again), I’ll let you decide. I’m publishing this article on April 26th because it will be the first full day of my vacation- and that seems just superstitiously to make it a lucky day, so why not?

Hope you have a good day.

Slow progress

Hello readers!

I’ve been slowly making progress on my current work Diamond and I really like how it’s turning out. I can’t wait to share it with you. I’ve also decided to add Hindu goddesss Kali to the group of goddesses that inhabit the space between waking and sleep.

I’ve also come up with ideas for three different stories that I need to write up a little and submit to WGA West.

I loved writing today so much that I think I need to make a point of prioritizing writing over other stuff I have to do- I tend to take a “rabbit and hare” approach, since I can only be very productive when I’m not depressed, and so during those times I write as much as possible. But I want to accelerate the pace at which I turn ideas into written works.

Wish me luck!