New story idea

Hello, readers! I have been just besieged with a ton of great ideas for stories and elements of stories, and I’ve compiled a sketch outline of what I think is a really great one that I’m calling Diamond. I will describe it later, but I’m really excited about it.

I don’t have time to write much more as I am trying to finish work for my laboratory in Guelph, but I’m very proud of Diamond and can’t wait to get started on it. I had originally thought to call the story Hypnagogia, but I think while that name is appropriate, there’s one scene where the main character screams that she is “unbreakable”, which makes me think, hey, why not call it Diamond. To be clear, I actually didn’t steal this from Luke Cage, it’s something I actually remember.

I’ve also got a character named Liz Diamond (Agent Diamond) who shows up in comical short stories I’ve written, but those are not my best work. Different characters entirely.

I need to do some additional research for this one, so it may take a while, but I suspect it will go pretty quickly- it uses a lot of elements from my own dreams and life.

An unusual love story liberally sprinkled with assassination attempts and bizarre floral arrangements

Hello, readers! My 60,000 word novel Infinity is finished and I’ve been revising madly- it is in very good shape. I’m currently drafting a pitch and 1-2 page synopsis for it so I can submit it to a particular agent. I find that my revisions are best when I put down my manuscript for a week or so between revisions, so the process of revision is taking some time, but I am not in any particular hurry.  I want to do the best job possible! I’ve been tossing pitches for Infinity around in my head. I think my current favorite pitch is that Infinity tells the story of how mental illness intersects with time travel and quantum entanglement, resulting in an unusual love story liberally sprinkled with assassination attempts and bizarre floral arrangements.

In other news, I’ve got five other novel ideas circulating in my head. I’ve jotted notes for all of them and I’m going to spend some time in between revisions of Infinity working on plotting them, and on writing a third draft of Anagama, which as I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve replotted and now have greater confidence in as a result. I also have submitted a hypothesis paper for my crowdsourced science project from 2014, so I am hoping it is looked on favorably and revisions/resubmission won’t take me too much time.

Here is hoping that July and August are productive months for me. I’ve had some difficulty with my bipolar disorder presenting itself in rapid cycling form, which I am hoping to overcome by watching my sleep, food intake, and exercise. Wish me luck!