Best idea to come out of a nightmare ever

So, dear readers, this past three or four days I’ve been struggling with an evolving set of nightmares- a story coming out of nowhere, apparently, and it’s triggered an idea for a novel in my mind. I’m going to use the name of a novel project I started in 2003 and abandoned: Hypnagogia, and it will not be a science fiction book. This one is set in a Canadian or American university town which is terrorized by a sociopathic schizophrenic woman who becomes obsessed with a mild-mannered bipolar woman who works at the university as a scientist. The bipolar woman- I haven’t given her a name yet- is unable to remember details of events like threatening phone calls, or even physical attacks- she assumes she is imagining them and edits them out of her memory, and only can recall the events much later. Because everyone knows the bipolar woman is ill occasionally (like me, she takes medication), it is easy for the sociopath to frame her in the beginning for bizarre acts that she, the sociopath, undertakes. More events happen and everyone is terrified- except the bipolar woman, who in the end ultimately faces down her stalker.

I’m very excited about this project- it draws upon many very vivid paranoid ideas I have, and upon my experiences as a bipolar person and university scientist as well. I’m still mustering energy to revise Anagama, and that is my priority for the next two months, but this next project will probably be written before I finish with Infinity. 

Now back to some much-needed rest while I continue writing down ideas for this new book project as they come.