This train is still on track, chugging away

Hello, readers! My writing, while it goes slowly, goes well. I am pacing myself so I don’t have breakdowns, which unfortunately is something I’ve learned I have to do. A clever analogy to this is summed up by the Spoon Theory. In my case, while I don’t suffer physical pain, I can overwork myself very easily and consequently suffer psychological malaise that makes it very hard to function. I’ve learned I need to rest often and break up work into segments, and as long as I get my segments done in time, the project is also done in time.  So my work is like a train, stopping often for water and coal, chugging down the track at a slow but steady pace.

I’ve had a really, really good idea for a twist to the plot of Infinity– so good that I don’t want to hint at what it is, other than that it will require a bit more research on my part.  I’ve got library books and as I am feeling feverish and under the weather with a cold, I figure I will read my books and cogitate, rather than try a lot of writing.

My novel Anagama is still on track- I will be flying to and from California to go to a wedding next weekend, and I will probably work on it during the plane rides, unless I am exhausted. I may work on it tomorrow night or Tuesday night as well. I have a tricky section of the book to figure out before I can write it- I want to make it as exciting and action-packed as possible, and yet still plausible. So I may have to rethink how my characters go about their activities for several chapters, and I don’t want to just write some stuff that I’ll have to throw out again later because it makes no sense. A lot of what I will do today is just scribbling ideas down and deciding which of them play out the best.

Even if I don’t do any actual penning of words today, I’m on schedule for finishing a draft of Anagama by December 31, and I figure after that I should be able to finish polishing it up by Easter, if not before. At that point I should be ready to start writing Infinity. So all is well.

Enjoy your Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and if you don’t like Pumpkin Spice Lattes, this story is for you: In Which No One Drinks a Pumpkin Spice Latte.