Writing around the orange cat

I don’t have a lot of free time to write fiction- I have evenings and weekends, and I’ve set aside one day (Sunday) and one evening (Monday nights) for creative fiction. That being said, for the past two weeks I’ve been exhausted and have used those times for socializing or working on projects with due dates attached, or simply resting. The fat orange cat of life’s inevitable requirements on my time and energy is sitting in front of the camera, blocking my attempts at art.

I hope to get another chapter for Anagama out the door today- I am now more motivated than ever to finish it, as I’ve sent the first two chapters to my former English prof and he liked them enough to request more. It’s a pity I’m so far from the finishing line! I have twenty-nine chapters or so to finish writing, and I hope to have them finished by the end of this year, if I keep to my writing schedule of one to two chapters (rough drafts) per week. If I manage this, I’m giving myself three months after New Year’s Eve to finish editing and polishing and check the manuscript for continuity errors (it’s easy to make these mistakes when you write the work in pieces separated over time). So the book should be finished in time for Easter 2016.

I also have a copy of Michio Kaku’s The Fuure of the Mind to read- the appendix has given me an idea for a technological twist to my current work-in-progress Infinity (still being plotted, I am afraid, though I have written a short piece involving one of the more colourful characters).

I know it’s terrible of me, but I keep hoping that I can get a break from my day job (I’m a scientist at the University of Guelph) and focus on this book exclusively for at least a month. If writing were my main occupation and I didn’t have to earn a living doing other things, I think I’d probably be a lot more productive than I generally have been.

That being said, I also am busy with a few other nonfiction writing projects- I am investigating links between neonicotinoid pesticides and bees, and hope to have a short (800-1000 word) article written by early September. I also am taking the lead on working on a grant proposal for my Cancer-Fighting Gut Bacteria project.

I feel I should have finished these things long ago, but the orange cat was there, batting at my face, occupying my attention. With luck I can manage to write around it and accomplish my writing and research goals.