Draft outline of the story for Infinity has been finished!

A few weeks ago I pushed myself and finished a reworked draft outline of the story for Infinity, my science fiction work in progress.  I’ve lined up several people to read it over, including my former English prof (he taught a course in science fiction and moments from it stay with me to this day!). I myself hope to use vacation time in coming days to look over the draft I have yet again and perhaps fill out some of the notes I’ve made which are more notes to myself to note dream images, and not intelligible to other people.

As part of the research into this story, I’ve also finished reading Black Holes, Wormholes and Time Machines by Jim Al-Khalili (a wonderful book! If any of the subjects in the title interest you, go and find it), and I’ve downloaded a few articles on quantum entanglement to read as well. I found a copy of Lee Smolin’s Time Reborn in a local bookshop- it is a fascinating read, likewise! It rains on my particular time-travel parade, but I’m still enjoying it.

I’m making efforts to find a physicist kind enough to put up with all my silly questions about quantum entanglement, closed timelike curves, wormholes, and unusual movement through time. I’ve also asked the University of Waterloo if someone there can show me around the Institute for Quantum Computing, where apparently entanglement experiments are done quite frequently. I would love to see one!